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Written by a patient
16th October 2016

I am a GP in East Sussex but will write this review as a father. My wife and I first came across Prof Sutcliffe a few years ago when he was the attending ward Consultant when my daughter was admitted to the ward at UCH. From the very first time we meet him he gave us the confidence that we were safe in his hands. He has a knack of reassuring you and a great bed side manner. At all times he makes you feel at ease. His knowledge is excellent and many times I have valued his council. He has always been approachable and always tries his best and often does more than he needs to. He has also managed to refer us on to the appropriate professionals. He actually listens to parents and examines the child properly. He understands the importance of listening to the parents when trying to treat a baby/child. Many times I have seen doctors who don’t. I would highly recommend Prof Sutcliffe not only as an outstanding Doctor and expert in his field but also as a compassionate individual that you could trust.

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