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Written by a NHS patient
30th January 2023

I recently saw Prof Sutcliffe with my 6 yr old daughter, it was our 2nd appointment. He listened to our complaint with real interest & compassion. I never once felt rushed, or that I was saying was not being taken seriously. Prof Sutcliffe was not afraid to offer up other contacts if he felt he could not help in a particular area. But, the real beyond care came when my daughter had actually left that appointment and was not due to be seen again. upon running out of meds prescribed by Prof Sutcliffe, I experienced nothing but grief, trying to get them again from our own doctor ... despite Prof Sutcliffe sending a letter to them explaining how important this was. Reluctantly, I had to go back to Prof Sutcliffe & ask for extra correspondence between himself & my daughters surgery. This carried further issues as my doctor will neither see me or speak to me. I have been informed by the secretary that I should now be dealing with 'meds management' which again, is not an entity you can either see or speak to. an e.mail is the only contact & they too, don't reply. I have had to go back & forth to Prof Sutcliffe & he has done his upmost to fight this battle with me. He even prescribed us the meds we need himself to keep us going (while he continues to get through to someone our end) & took the time to see us at very short notice, with no appointment to get us this prescription. He has gone above & beyond to help us when he didn't need to. Unfortunately you don't receive this kind of care from a doctor often these days. It has instilled hope & I can confidently say - Prof Sutcliffe is exactly where he should, in the role which he currently resides.

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