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Written by a NHS patient
28th June 2023

Professor Sutcliffe was one of the first people to see our son when he was rushed into Broomfields hospital recently, and his experience and knowledge to identify the problem and prompt need for strong IV antibiotics no doubt saved our son’s life as he also had sepsis on top of the diagnosed psoas abscess. We owe so much to his care, quick thinking and leadership of the (incredible) team. The Professor listened to us and our son, both together and separately, explaining his symptoms and understanding that we knew he wasn’t well. At a time of immense stress, the reassurance and confidence we felt from his approach helped our son feel less anxious and us as parents extremely content that we were in the best of hands. The Professor involved our son in our discussions and treated him as an individual. His bed side manner was both professional and calming at a time of incredible stress. We will always owe so much to Professor Sutcliffe - if you are lucky enough to be in his care then you are truly blessed.

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