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Written by a carer
3rd July 2018

Professor Sutcliffe is the perfect paediatrician. I just can’t praise him highly enough. My daughter’s epilepsy diagnosis of came as a huge shock and Professor Sutcliffe walked us through the process of finding the right medication and diagnosis with care and attention. We never felt like a bother to him and he always took the time to explain both sides of any decision or situation clearly and without dumbing down. He was always realistic without being pessimistic and his knowledge, not just of we condition but of the other issues related to it was just wonderful and so reassuring. The hardest part to put into words is how much it meant to me that he treated both of us as whole people, not poorly functioning body parts. He recognised how my daughter’s epilepsy impacted all the different areas of her life and helped us to work out a way forward. He supported my daughter to take ownership of her health and to see that she did have a future. I cannot thank him enough.

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1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5