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Written by a NHS patient
12th November 2021

From our very first meeting I found Mr Masannat was a smiley, caring, friendly Consultant not at all distant. I found him very straight to the point which I liked because I am that kind of person myself He explained what was happening and what would be happening from start to finish even with all the tests, biopsies, MRI. Etc leading to ‘Mastopexy Donut’ Surgery on 5th Nov. which in itself was very assuring. I am now just one week post operative and he has done a brilliant job. I have not even required ANY pain relief so I am more than happy. Waiting patiently for the next stage of my journey, but all in all I want to say a very big thank you to Mr Masannat and not forgetting his whole team whowere nothing but most caring. Thank you DF

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