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Written by a patient
12th January 2021

After searching online for a while looking into different fertility clinics and ringing several ones with my enquries i was drawn to p4 fertility when mr jeve rang me personally to answer my online questions i submitted on their website. he even gave me his contact number to text or call to book appointments or if i had any more questions. We got an appointment straight away and did not have to wait, me and my partner went to our consultation were we met Mr Jeve he was such a lovley man and we knew he had our best interests at heart straight away.I had a follow up appointment with Mr Jeve to do a Hysterosalpingogram to check if everything was ok, i am normally very nervous about having anything like this done, but he was so calm and yet again explained everything in detail and listened to my questions and i was fine all the way through the procedure he also had a nurse with him during this and she was also such a lovley person who also calmed me and just made me feel at ease. Me and my partner intended this consultation to be about having iui but As everything is good news with me and my partner mr jeve suggests we try naturally a little bit longer with tablets he has prescribed for both of us. This also shows how much of a good dr he is and how he only has your best interest at heart as he would like us to try the 1st steps first and not jump on to iui as fertility treatments can be exspensive. He has gave us that little bit more hope that pregnancy will happen for us. I could not reccomend MR Jeve enough. He really is a great dr but also a lovley person.