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Written by a patient
3rd March 2020

I met Mr Jeve during a private consultation for a second opinion whilst undergoing NHS care for subfertilty. I can not emphasise enough how grateful I am for falling on his profile on BMI priory and booking to see him. Having seen several specialists already, from the first appointment I had with him, he had a very approachable, caring bedside manor he genuienly wanted us to succeed and help. Without even having to say anything he understood why we were there;my husband and I were not just another couple experiencing unexplained infertilty issues which we had previously been told by others. Mr Jeve was keen to help and understand why we were having fertility issues. He gave really simple explanations and personalised our treatment plan to our individual case. Every question we had, Mr Jeve provided clear understandable information and on request, medical evidence available, in order for my husband and I to understand and make our own decisions. We felt very supported by him and we felt we were able to lead our care and found our concerns were really listened to. Mr Jeve was always at hand by email through our care; which was very helpful as with fertility treatment so many questions come up along the way and many a time you can feel really alone or inundated . He always answered in a timely manner to emails and followed up emails with telephone calls if need be. I would highly recommend Mr Jeve for any couple undergoing fertility treatment.

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1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5