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Written by a private patient
2nd March 2023

In May 22 I had a partial knee replacement on my left knee, Mr. Kim and his staff were unbelievable I was able to stand up later that day and was walking the following day with the help of crutches. I was allowed home the following day with all my pain killers etc. I have never had any trouble since my operation, my knee feels like i am walking on air, it is a fantastic feeling to the extent that on Jan 23 I decided to have a partial knee replacement on my right knee. Again this was brilliant, I can walk normal and after 7 weeks post surgery you cannot even tell that I have had both my knees replaced, even the staff were amazed by my walking. If anybody is considering this operation I can totally give my full recommendation's to Mr. Kim and his entire staff who fully helped me all the way through my both operations and after 7 weeks I feel like a new man. I don't usually do feedback and ratings of any kind, but this is a chance that I could not ignore. If anybody is in doubt about this operation you can email me direct on and I will gladly help you. Mr. Kim is an absolute magician at what he does and has told/shown me the results of both my knees and hopefully I will never need them doing again ..... This guy is BRILLIANT ..... Thank you very much Winston Kim for my new knees. You are a STAR Des Barnes