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Written by a patient
13th August 2020

Thank you Mr. Patel, For 23 three years following a RTA I have had shoulder joint pain accompanied by neck pain, and daily tasks were difficult for a long time. I finally had a total shoulder joint replacement in October 2019. Mr. Patel has a very professional approach, and I particularly liked his calming manner when having to face this complex operation. I received good care from the medical staff throughout my stay with everything fully explained. Particularly reassuring were the anaesthetists who put me at my ease and also the staff when I woke up as I had had a frightening experience with my breathing in the past. I am sorry to say the postoperative nursing staff were not always understanding or helpful. Following the operation I experienced a lot of pain and this was tough for 3-6 months. I now feel I have regained the use of my left arm, am pain free and am able to do tasks normally. As a result of this operation, my neck issues have also dramatically improved. Thank you

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