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Written by a private patient
1st March 2021

I was referred to Mr Patel by my GP with a condition that was identified as a "classic rotator cuff injury)". I was seen quickly funded by BUPA and Mr Patel immediately after an X ray and ultrasound at the first appointment re-diagnosed the issue as a frozen shoulder apparently common in Type 1 diabetics. I was offered 3 alternative treatments and chose the arthroscopic capsular release. Mr Patel was clear, confident and courteous at all times and I felt confident I was in good hands. within several weeks I was a day patient at Spire St Anthony's Hospital for the procedure which was well explained. The nursing staff and the anaesthetist were excellent and I left the same day with clear instructions and medication. Within a few days I was almost fully mobile and certainly with more range than previously, I started physio and had several follow up appointments with Mr Patel. In month 2 the joint started to stiffen up and the guidance from Mr Patel was that this was normal and would improve with more stretches and physio in month 3. I am now just over 3 months after the procedure and have around 95% movement regained and it should slowly improve over time. I was very pleased with the service and treatment I received and would recommend Mr Patel.

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