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Written by a patient
15th December 2019

I had an emergency operation for a spinal meningioma 11 months ago. I had no symptoms until a week before the op when suddenly I experienced a slight weakness in my legs which got rapidly worse. Mr Arzoglou informed me that without an operation to remove the tumour on my spine, I would be left paralysed but that it was a risky operation involving the spinal cord which was being compressed by the tumour. A scary time lie ahead for me. Now 11 months later, after a slow, steady rehabilitation I can report that I’m back doing all the things I love - walking, riding my bike and especially riding my horse, with no problems from the back or legs other than minor aches and pains - I attribute these solely to my age, I’m 62. I have nothing but immense gratitude and respect for this extremely skilled surgeon who must surely be a man pushing the boundaries in his field of work with great success, in my humble opinion.

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