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Written by a NHS patient
23rd April 2022

I wanted to recount my own experience of laparoscopic hernia surgery to reassure anyone who may be nervous of the procedure (as I was). After 27 years with a (painless) bilateral inguinal hernia, I began to develop pains, especially after being on my feet for prolonged periods. I was cared for at the Alexandra Hospital (NHS funded), where I was treated by Mr. Satyadas. As this was my first operation, I was nervous about what to expect. However, Mr. Satyadas put me at ease with his reassuring and professional manner, listening carefully to my concerns and answering all my questions. In terms of the operation, my experience was entirely positive. Mr. Satyadas met with me again on the day to answer any further questions. The anaesthesiologist put me to sleep via a relatively painless injection into my hand and the next thing I knew I was waking in the recovery ward. I felt as if I'd had a great night's sleep, with absolutely no grogginess at all. I was transferred back to my room and after some food, I was able to walk around. There was some abdominal discomfort (to be expected) but it was quite mild. After a couple of hours, Mr. Satyadas visited to check how I was doing and a couple of hours after that I was discharged. I resumed more or less regular activities immediately (albeit a bit slower than usual), apart from exercise and driving. Over the following fortnight, I had occasional abdominal pain but it was rarely enough to warrant painkillers and even then regular paracetamol was sufficient (I had been given paracetamol / codeine by the hospital, but the pain was not significant enough for me to need these). By the third week, all pain had completely disappeared and the scars (three very small ones, closed with surgical glue) had healed. In summary, the care I received from Mr. Satyadas was exemplary. I could not have asked for a more reassuring and considerate surgeon and I'm delighted with how well the operation and my post-operation recovery took place. The other staff at The Alexandra were also marvellous.

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