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Written by a patient
3rd December 2019

Thomas Satyadas performed a liver resection on me in October 2019. I had earlier this year been diagnosed with colon and liver cancer and had been receiving chemotherapy from Christies in Manchester with the view to arrest the growth of the initial tumour. After successfully steming the growth of the colon tumour, we were referred to Mr Satyadas at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. He was very enthusiastic and whilst initially talking to me, he had the nous to address important stuff - medical terms etc to my wife as I have Parkinson's and struggle to process a lot of information at once. Thomas's plan was to isolate the tumorous part of the liver and remove it. Then to return to chemo with a view to shrinking or arresting the growth of the other tumour and ultimately have this taken out too. My wife and I were amazed as we had been led to believe elsewhere that my case would only be one of damage limitation until the tumours really took hold. Thomas explained that he believed I was young and healthy enough to go with his plan. After the procedure to stem blood supply into the damaged part of the liver, I was scanned to see if the healthier part of the liver had shown any of the growth necessary to make the operation possible. We were disappointed to find that it had not. Whilst it was explained to us that there were many other avenues to explore, Thomas seemed keen to push on with his plan. We chatted about my family and I must admit that his enthusiasm was infectious. He decided to give the good liver a few more weeks than scan it again. This time the liver showed signs of growth and we had the green light for a liver resection. That was a few weeks ago. I am now sitting at my desk at home recuperating after a fully successful operation where Thomas and his team removed all the cancer from my liver. Tomorrow I will return to Christies to resume chemotherapy aimed at the other cancer. I do this with renewed hope and belief in those fantastic professionals around me. I owe my life to Thomas Satyadas, for the long hours at his clinic, for his team's availability to answer questions at any time to reassure us and for his skills in theatre. I am mostly grateful for his decisiveness and self belief. Our nine year old son (also) Thomas is Mr Satyadas's greatest fan and wants to be a surgeon when he is older. Before we left his clinic, Thomas senior gave us a stethoscope to pass on to our son. Thomas loves his gift but even more so, likes having his dad home. Thank you Mr Satyadas.

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