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Written by a patient
3rd April 2020

I count myself extremely fortunate to have had Mr Satyadas as my surgeon. I am a 60 year old female, and was somewhat nervous about having my gallbladder removed, especially as I was diagnosed with the added complication of mirizzi syndrome. I needn’t have worried. From the first consultation I knew I was in safe hands. Mr Satyadas explained every step of what to expect, what the risks and potential complications there were, and what he, his surgical team and nurses would do to minimise those risks. The operation was carried on on February 15th and went extremely well. Post op, my Husband appreciated a call from Mr Satyadas to tell him the operation had been a success. And I also appreciated that both he and my anaesthetist came to check on me before they left for the day. I recovered very quickly, within days. I suffered very little pain, more sore from some bruising than anything else. And the smallest of incisions from the keyhole surgery have healed nicely. So a big thank you to you Mr Satyadas, to April your practice manager and of course your surgical team and nurses at BMI The Alexandra Hospital. Kind regards. Janis McMorrine.

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