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Written by a carer
23rd January 2020

Mr Tev Aho performed HoLEP surgery on my husband on 23 November 2019. The surgery was necessary because a very enlarged prostate had led to my husband being catheterised which, in turn, had led to urosepsis problems. My husband is immuno-suppressed through treatment for another medical condition and catheterisation is high risk for him. Waiting lists for prostate surgery in our home country meant that we had no choice but to seek private treatment. Internet research led us to Mr Tev Aho and to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge. From our first email to Mr Aho we experienced nothing but understanding, sympathy, respect and clinical excellence. His leaflet on the HoLEP procedure was so clear and informative. When we met with him he dealt with all our questions honestly and openly and there was never any sense of being rushed. With prostate problems the emphasis is, of course, on the patient but wives and partners are also very involved and suffer many concerns, hence my reason for submitting this review as the wife of a sufferer. Mr Aho gave us both time to explore issues and seek additional information from him. He was honest and reassuring about the possible effects of the HoLEP procedure on the intimate side of our relationship, something which is of great importance to us as a couple. We travelled to Addenbrookes on 19 November, surgery was on 23 November and we flew home on 26 November. In less than two weeks, my husband was able to pass urine as though there had never been a problem. Within six weeks, we were able to resume, with great joy, the sexual side of our relationship. We still cannot quite believe what a difference the HoLEP procedure has made to our lives. To any wives or partners who are in a similar situation to that which we were in, I can honestly say that I could not recommend Mr Aho highly enough. The HoLEP procedure has been transformative and we are full of gratitude.

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