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Written by a patient
12th February 2020

Dr Walsh was fantastic and welcome help, following my recent fall which resulted in a broken nose. Whilst I'm not the most vain person in the world my wonky nose wasnt just causing breathing difficulty but also didn't make me feel great about my image. Dr Walsh advised me clearly that because it was cartilage that was dislocated it was harder to fix and heal however if I wanted to go ahead he was happy to try and fix the dislocation. Dr Walsh and his team were really kind and patient with me - I have a huge (irrational) fear of being put to sleep and not waking up again, his team took the time to explain exactly what was going on and how I'd be hooked up to all kinds of monitors and therefore put my mind at ease and I went to sleep peacefully. Whilst there was the expected pain afterwards the aftercare was brilliant. When it was time to remove the splints Dr Walsh once again put my mind at ease and I didn't feel a thing. He once again reinforced the importance of not wacking the nose again and that over the next few months the cartilage could relapse. Something we both hope wont happen. I am very grateful to Mr Walsh and his team for their care.

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