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Written by a private patient
20th December 2023

My experience with Mr Monkhouse and his team has been exceptional. From the initial consultation for the Allurion balloon, Mr Monkhouse provided an holistic and personalised care approach. He used terminology which I fully understood and managed my expectations allowing me to make an informed decision without any pressure. On the lead up to insertion all the instructions and medications were delivered to my house promptly and it was very clear when to start taking each of the medications and what they were for. The procedure itself was straightforward and without any complications. Mr Monkhouse went over the aftercare with me and what I could expect over the next coming days. My experience under Mr Monkhouse’s care has been excellent from start to post Allurion balloon and I highly recommend him and his team. The Supportive aftercare has been exemplary, I had a few questions/issues that I emailed him about and I Each time I had very timely responses with reassuring and helpful answers and solutions. Contact and availability is a definite 10/10. The care I have received has been well above and beyond my expectations, without a doubt I wouldn’t have had such great results from the Allurion balloon program if I hadn’t have been in such fantastic care I have received from Mr Monkhouse. I am truly forever grateful to him, he has changed my life.