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Written by a private patient
8th October 2023

4 and a half month post bypass… and very close to being 6 stone down, I am no longer diabetic, I no longer take two different types on blood pressure meds, my heart rate is stable, and I have regular periods after 12 years. Simon Monkhouse has completely and utterly changed and saved my life! I was a tricky case for Simon, due to scar tissue from having a gastric band, Simon was willing to take on the task, and genuinely really wanted to help me. I was reassured that the operation would not go ahead if it was to tricky or unsafe, Simon even went to the lengths of having an addition surgeon in theatre (just incase) to keep me safe, but Simon ms amazing expertise meant the addition surgeon only observed and wasn’t needed. After surgery Simon was in contact constantly, whatever the issue or worry, Simon was always there with a reply sometimes in minutes. It dosent stop there, for every non scale victory, happy moment, next weight bracket down ect Simon is always so thrilled a happy for his patients, whether that’s pre op or years post op! I am pretty much certain you will not find another surgeon more supportive and caring. Thankyou Simon and team for saving my life, and enabling me to have the life I’ve always dreamt of! Lucy x