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Written by a patient
19th August 2020

Paul Trikha carried out my consultation, organised MRI Scan and operated on my knee repairing a displaced bucket-handle tear of the lateral meniscus with a flipped fragment and a horizontal tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. I could not weight bear at all on my leg. I had a consultation with Mr Trikha and had been operated and fully repaired - weight bearing in a brace in just over a week. I had no pain from the day after the operation and my recovery is very much quicker due to the short time that I was unable to walk - and subsequent muscle loss I could not recommend Mr Trikha highly enough. I am so grateful that his enthusiastic no nonsense attitude means that not only is he a very talented surgeon, but he also puts lots of people back on their feet in really quick time. I will always be grateful

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