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Written by a carer
21st February 2020

Mr Trikha is clearly an accomplished surgeon and the surgery appears to have been successful. However, if you are feeling nervous about your injury and operation and/or need a caring surgeon, I would not recommend you see Mr Trikha. Even going privately, the longest my relative and I saw the surgeon for was about 5 minutes. I felt that we were ambushed into taking an operation slot without any time to reflect, and no time to ask any questions regarding the nature of the operation and recovery etc. In fact, Mr Trikha often cut us off mid questions and did not allow us to finish, shunting us out of the room whilst trying to force expensive additional equipment upon us. I was appalled at the lack of information, people skills and customer service - particularly as we went privately, and Mr Trikha is one of the more expensive consultants you can see. Mr Trikha is also not the kind of consultant who will give you any empathy. If these things don’t matter to you, then rest assured, Mr Trikha will do a good job of the operation. But if you are inquisitive and/or need some compassion, my advice is to keep on looking! I was left feeling stressed and in tears, and I wasn’t even the patient...

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