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Written by a private patient
25th February 2021

I had a half knee replacement operation in 2020. I had a cartilage op in 2006 and had a gradual deterioration until a replacement was required. I wanted to choose when I could have the op, and was given Mr Clifton's details. On the initial meeting with Mr Clifton I found him to be friendly and informative. His explanations of the procedure, aftercare and recovery time were very informative. I liked his no nonsense manner, and he explained in detail (with hand drawn diagrams) what he would do, what would happen etc etc The pre op, hospital stay and post op care have been good, I opted to use my own physiotherapist for post op care. On the day of the op I felt at ease (even though it was during the period of covid), being kept informed of all timings etc. I didn't feel unsafe/worried at any time. On the follow up appointment (6 weeks after the op) I got to see the before and after X-rays and hadn’t realised just how bad my pre op knee had been until I saw how it was now. It is 4 months + since my operation and I think progress is good. The knee pain I felt prior to the op has all gone. I am at the stage of increasing my daily exercise, as my knee heals. I had minimum swelling after the op mainly due to the preparation prior to the op (if anyone is reading this prior to having a knee op, I would recommend getting as fit as you can. I was cycling 30km a day on a static bike before the operation and I am positive this assisted in getting minimal swelling and improving my recovery after the op). Other than some pain the 2 days after the operation, I haven't really felt any significant pain, and only needed the occasional paracetamol (that did surprise me as I thought it would be more painful). I did feel a week after the op 'what have I done' as movement is limited and I did get frustrated with the daily exercises, as I felt initially I wasn't seeing any significant improvement. You just have to do little and often and by week 4 there seemed to be a step change in the improvement, as there did in weeks 8 and 12. I have been able to achieve a very good bend and straightness in the operated leg. The wound is healing well, but the knee area remains tender if accidentally tapped and kneeling is a no no (at the moment). At month 4 post recovery I developed an audible click when walking up stairs, which I find really annoying, but I am hoping that this is temporary. I don't hear the click when walking on the flat, and there is no discomfort. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Clifton for this procedure.

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