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Written by a private patient
20th April 2024

Doctor Jain takes great pains to explain facts in a manner that I could readily understand. The procedure and the associated risks were explained in detail and all my questions were answered in depth. He has an open and friendly manner which put me at my ease and enabled me to feel I was engaging and contributing to the overall process. He explained the various stages of the programme and what I should expect at each one and how my progress would be evaluated. His "bedside manner" was second to none and when I was in the hospital he came to see me both before and after my procedure to reassure me that all had gone well. He also checked with the hospital that all my requirements were being met and he engaged a first class anaesthetist as I had a artificial heart valve that meant I had special requirements. Doctor Jain's attitude, approach and clinical method were in the very outstanding category, I have total confidence in his judgement and professional skill which are of the highest order and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone seeking relief from the pain of a hip problem.