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Written by a patient
19th January 2021

I contacted Mr Winterton after being recommended by the bariatric team at the BMI. Mr Winterton took the time to listen to questions and concerns, leaving you with a feeling that you were in extremely capable hands. He advised that I should split the surgeries we discussed into two, and I am really glad I took his expert advice. Mr Winterton and his very helpful PA were always available to help or answer any queries. After the procedure Mr Winterton and his team were absolutely wonderful and caring in dealing with some issues that arose. Either Mr Winterton or Vicki were available and would get back to me within a few hours. I was so delighted with the results and care that I decided to proceed with the rest of the second surgery. Whilst I was nervous at my first procedure, on the second I knew I was in extremely capable and caring hands and had no qualms whatsoever in proceeding with it. I would highly recommend Mr Winterton to anyone thinking about cosmetic surgery.

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