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Written by a private patient
15th April 2021

Wow - where to even start. I’m 7 weeks post-op and still amazed by Mr Winterton and his passion for his patients. I had my first consultation back in November and I’ve have not looked back since. Prior to meeting Mr Winterton, I already knew I wanted to go ahead with the procedure but it was important that I found a surgeon who I felt I could trust and would give me the results I wanted. I told him “natural and proportionate” and that’s exactly what I got. As soon as I met him I felt extremely comfortable- it’s odd to think I have only been face-to-face with him approximately 6 times. I had no doubt I wanted Mr Winterton to be my consultant - his passion for his patients and his work is second to none. He lets his work speak for itself. This is the best thing I have ever done and I will never be able to thank him enough for the confidence he has helped me to gain. From the very start he allowed me to lead the process, I was encouraged to make every decision such as size and positioning of the implant with of course his guidance. When initially deciding on a size, I already had a CC in mind however during the sizing experiment I found Mr Winterton was keen to almost ignore the number and choose one that I liked the look of on my body - not someone else’s. I applaud him for that, it’s very easy for a patient to turn up with a number - have the procedure - then be disappointed it doesn’t look like the picture they saw online. He’s a realist and incredibly honest. I’ve recently had my 7 week check up - I’m already in love with my new body but Mr Winterton’s feedback has boosted my self-esteem and happiness to a whole new level. I could not be happier with the process of my augmentation and the consultant that I chose. I hope he is still a practising consultant in the future when I return to get my implants changed - I will not think twice about choosing Mr Winterton again. I also want to take the time to note my appreciation for his PA, Vicki. I have had replies at all hours of the day and night to my many questions from both Rob and Vicki - they both have played a significant role in the smoothness of my augmentation and my happiness! Like Rob, Vicki is also extremely professional and so easy to talk to - again I have nothing but appreciation and positive recommendations.

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