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Written by a patient
7th January 2021

The procedure itself was performed very well and was 100% successful (as far as I can tell). The service was discreet and the the price was reasonable. However, I was in a great deal of pain afterwards and there are not really suitable facilities at Haemorrhoid Clinic for the length of recovery time I needed (only about 30 minutes, not a huge amount of time!). There was very little post-procedure de-brief (probably because I had spent so long recovering that another patient had arrived). The post-operative care instructions which were provided were not very helpful and lead me to believe that the pain I was experiencing was unusual (after reading other resources I realised it was not). I would also advise that anyone who undergoes this procedure does not drive themselves to the clinic as it was a very difficult drive home! I think more information should have been given prior to the appointment to enable me to be more prepared, and I think the post-operative care information needs to be revised.

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