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Written by a private patient
15th April 2022

At my consultation, there was no hesitation by Mr. Lusty that I should have my hip replaced. After dialogue with the anaesthesiologist I opted to have an epidural and only felt a short sharp pain momentarily. Following that, Mr Lusty's team were professional, friendly and reassuring. I was given ear phones and chose my music to listen to. I was given a sedative just to make me sleepy and it was the most relaxing experience. The only thing I felt was some movement I guess when the hip was being moved. Contrary to previous reports, I didn't hear any noise, or felt any other discomfort but just enjoyed the experience. Following surgery, I had a couple cups of tea in the recovery room and was then taken back to my room where I enjoyed another cup of tea and a sandwich. The first night was uncomfortable only due to the epidural wearing off but was given pain killers. The next few nights I slept well. After having constant pain and not being able to go for walks or taking ages to put my shoes on, there is no pain and I no longer walk hunched, which I hadn't been aware of . There really isn't anything to worry about, Mr Lusty and his team are professional, reassuring and since my operation I can now enjoy being active again.

22nd April 2022
Response from Mr Patrick Lusty

Thank you so much for your detailed account of your surgery. I am sure this will reassure other people coming up for hip replacement. Best wishes Patrick Lusty

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