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Written by a private patient
29th September 2021

Mr Shah is a brilliant caring surgeon. I work in the NHS, Mr Shah is well known and nobody has a negative word against him. All the staff at Goring Hall are caring and efficient, nothing is too much trouble. The physiotherapy is excellent, I had 2 appointments with Terry. He was reassuring and encouraging which is extremely helpful when you are not sure how well you are doing or how far you can push yourself. Thank you Mr Shah, Terry and all the staff you all contributed to life being almost like I never had an op. I can even walk 5 miles that includes 3 styles. Pretty good after 3 months.

4th October 2021
Response from Mr Nirav Shah

I am so glad to hear you are making such excellent progress. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Keep up the great work. Kindest regards, Mr Nirav Shah

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