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Written by a NHS patient
7th December 2021

Mr Nick Little and the team were fantastic from start to finish. I have had two total shoulder replacements and consider myself extremely lucky to have received the expertise and care from such a wonderful team. My recovery has been brilliant and although I am not completely without pain, more a slight discomfort, the surgeries have greatly improved my quality of life. I have been having Physiotherapy which has helped a great deal and I have specific exercises that I do at home twice a day and have done since I was discharged. My advice to anyone that is considering having a similar procedure is this, continue doing the daily exercises everyday and listen to the advice of Mr Littles team and the Physiotherapists, as you are having a new joint so recovery is ongoing and nothing is an instant fix, think work in progress. Lastly I wanted to say another thank you to Claire Scott, who is the secretary to the surgeons and was absolutely lovely throughout.

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