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Written by a NHS patient
21st January 2023

I had arthritis in both shoulders in 2019 and I saw Mr Little who had Xrays done of my shoulders . As it was not in a very advanced state it would be best to go down a physio route which worked very well as well as having shoulder injections . In 2021 the arthritis was really bad and I went to my GP about my shoulders and she put in motion getting me onto a surgical solution. A week later Dr Little's assistant phoned to say I was on the list and that they had my Xrays and files but I needed to go for update Xrays and an appointment had been made for a week later . A few days after the Xrays I had another call to say that I was on the operation list and this was about July a month or two later I received a date of December for the operation . The day of the operation I saw the surgical team and Mr Little who ran me through what was going to happen , everything went very well and I was in hospital overnight and the next day the physio team took me through my exercise list and what I should and should not do in the rehabilitation of my shoulder. Appointments were made with physio clinic which I went to regularly . Following all the instructions and exercises was very important as it aided the rehabilitation , full recovery and full movement of my shoulder . I saw Mr Little and his assistant six weeks later who were very pleased with the progress and put me onto the surgical list to operate on my left shoulder . Mr Little and his team were very clear on what was going to happen all through the process and following the physio exercises is so important for full recovery . I am extremely happy with the outcome. I now have full movement of both my shoulders and am totally pain free for the first time in many years. I am so grateful for the skill and expertise of Mr Little and his team.

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