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27th October 2015
Written by a patient at BMI The Ridgeway Hospital

After seeing Neil Orpen today for my initial consultation I left Ridgeway B.M.I hospital stunned at how little help or advice for help I was given. I have issues in 3 different sections of my back which have affected me for years and in the last year have collapsed 14 times all of which put me out of being able to walk for weeks at a time. This has caused me to lose my job, relationship and my family. The results of the MRI on lower back showed compression in discs and buldges, multiple endplate irregularities, disc extrusion, shmorl nodes indicating the presence of shuermams disease. I'm not sure if these things are what's causing me chronic pain but I have read of many fixes/treatments to try from casestudys. Neil Orpen told me today that none of these are an option and its not able to be fixed by surgery. I asked about a cortazone injection which two of my family members had in same situation to which his reply its pointless as it would only last a couple of weeks. Now correct me if I'm wrong or does that sound like someone willing to help with my pain? After telling him my life has come to a stop since all of this started for him to tell me its a hereditary issue. This doesn't make it untreatable. The reason for me making the decision to write this review is when he talked to me sarcastically and said that he doubts anything will show on scans further up my back. Was told he would write to me rather than wasting time for both. I'm sorry I wasted your time with my issue. Last he sked what my physio therapist said about my back, I told him that the physio said it was a bad idea to continue sessions as my muscles are In guard mode and could end up doing more damage to which he said oh well I guess they just loosened up by themselves. How would he know by looking at them? I think this was the biggest joke of an experience with a healthcare professional I've ever had. Reported it straight to my GP and am being referred for a 2nd opinion elsewhere as everyone who u have told and the person who came in the meeting with me thinks I was not treated as having a serious problem. Regards


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