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Written by a private patient
6th January 2023

From my initial appointment right through to my operation, Mr Rath and the Spire Hospital Cheshire attended to my every need. During my initial consultation, Mr Rath listened to the history of my spine issue and my sciatica in my right leg and confirmed that an MRI scan was required. The follow up appointment confirmed that there was an issue with my L5 S1 disc and I was given 3 options, painkillers and intensive physiotherapy, a spinal injection, or an operation. The procedures and risks were discussed in detail and I decided to go with the less risky procedure of the spinal injection. I’ll have to admit that it wasn’t the most pleasant experience that I have had due to the amount of pain that I was in prior to arriving at the hospital for the injection. Even so, it was carried out in a very professional manner from being admitted to leaving the hospital. Unfortunately for myself, the injection didn’t work fully and only made my pain issue about 80% better for a couple of weeks. It then plateaued out and gradually worsened before declining rapidly. I was able to get the follow up appointment brought forward where Mr Rath again listened to my issues and explained that an operation was the only way forward but also agreed to a second MRI scan as I was in more pain by this point than I was prior to the spinal injection. Please note that I was still working full time to this point carrying out a physical job and driving for many hours due to my job taking me all over the UK. The second MRI scan confirmed that my disc issue had worsened, but Mr Rath wasn’t phased by this as it still resulted in the same surgical operation that he had planned to perform. The day of the operation came, and again from the moment I was admitted in to the hospital to the moment I was discharged, Mr Rath and all of the staff were kind and extremely professional. I’ve already said that Mr Rath wasn’t phased by a set back that I had and he has a very calming and reassuring nature about himself to put you at ease. I had my operation right at the end of the 2022 year and so far the result is amazing. I still have the recovery process to go through with the physiotherapists at the Spire hospital, but after suffering so long with back ache and more so sciatica in the whole of my right leg and foot, Mr Rath is nothing short of a miracle worker.

9th January 2023
Response from Mr Narendra Kumar Rath

Happy New Year and hope you had a great festive time! I am very pleased to know that you are doing well and making good progress. I wish you speedy recovery and do remember the precautions as advised. I will convey you thought to the team. Kind Regards NKR

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