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Written by a patient
13th January 2021

Dr Rath and his team are amazing, they literally gave me back my life. I had been suffering from horrendous pain for months, lost the function of my hand and foot and was taking a lot of strong drugs that made me unable to function normally. Dr Rath was very kind and compassionate and he arranged for me to have ACDF surgery, he explained everything in full and put me at ease, on the morning of my operation he was around to offer reassurance beforehand which helped a lot. I couldn't have asked for a better doctor. 4 months on i am completely pain free, i have full function of my hand and foot back, and i can function normally without strong medication. Thank you so much.

13th January 2021
Response from Mr Narendra Kumar Rath

I am delighted to know that all your symptoms have settled and you have stopped taking all your painkillers. I guess we achieved what we set out for! Now that your life is back, enjoy your time with friends and family. Please do get in touch f you need any further assistance. Please take all precautions as advised by the government in these difficult times. Kind Regards NKR

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