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Written by a NHS patient
15th September 2023

Mr experience with mr rath was an eye opener, he explained to me everything i was experiencing with my shoulder pain, and also my neck pain, he explained to why i was experiencing the in my hand and gave the best advice i could get, and i acted upon it which has helped me so much, Mr rath has also gave me the best advice going forward with my treatment in the future, he has also wrote a letter to my shoulder surgeon for my next operation on my rotator cuff, i cannot thank Mr rath enough for what he has done for me, he has a wealth of knowledge for any future patients. I can assure you that you will get the best outcome from seeing Mr rath.

16th September 2023
Response from Mr Narendra Kumar Rath

Lot of my patients have multiple problems and we have to discuss and identify it. Once identified, a patient specific treatment plan has to be tailored for the best outcome. Thank you for the kind words and recommendations. Wish you all the best for future! Kind Regards NKR

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