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Written by a private patient
26th October 2022

I attended a consultation with Mr Rath earlier this year due to limited mobility of my right arm and shoulder together with nerve related pain down my right arm into my hand. Mr Rath was very supportive, realistic, clear and caring regarding my condition and my available options following further investigations. I consequently underwent a multi level ACDF to my cervical spine (C3 to C6) in June to address all of the issues found. An additional and potentially serious issue was also found with my C3 vertebrae during the surgery and was immediately addressed. Mr Rath is an incredibly talented surgeon. The scar on my neck is very small and follows the natural crease of the skin making it hardly noticeable at all. Mr Rath and the Grosvenor Nuffield team did an amazing job taking care of me and making me feel comfortable throughout the entire process and my follow up appointments. The surgery stopped the nerve related pain and saw some mobility improvement almost straight away. My mobility and strength has gradually continued to improve since. I can't thank Mr Rath and the Grosvenor Nuffield team enough for what they've done for me and would recommend their expertise and services to anyone!

12th November 2022
Response from Mr Narendra Kumar Rath

Glad to know that you are recovering well and the arm symptoms have improved. Thank you for your kind words and recommendation. Wish you speedy recovery. Kind Regards NKR

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