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Written by a patient
27th November 2019

I am grateful to be alive to say "Thank You Very Much" to Mr. Mahran, who six weeks ago today, on the 16th October 2019 around 0900hrs. used his expertise and most capable and gentle hands, very successfully, to perform Keyhole surgery on me. Mr. Mahran is a surgeon of high calibre. I am a lady in the later part of my life. I was petrified but Mr. Mahran from start to finish was very patient and understanding of my apprehension. In return I have not only made a good recovery but a very speedy one. Mr. Mahran may just wish to give me a WELL DONE badge on the 16th December 2019. Mr. Mahran is a brilliant surgeon and the most thoughtful and kind gentleman I have ever had the privilege to meet. Mr. Mahran has given me a better life in my later years and has my undying gratitude. Mr. Mahran said I was in capable hands, I say Mr. Mahran's hands are MAGIC. I sincerely wish Mr. Mahran a long and enjoyable life. I will never ever forget Mr. Mahran and will always remember him with a smile.

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