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Written by a private patient
4th April 2021

Mr El Gammal performed my breast augmentation on 2nd April. I have wanted this procedure for a long time due to breastfeeding two children and losing my upper pole fullness. I was left with deflated B cup breasts. Mr El Gammal listened to what I wanted and so far they look and feel exactly how they did in the sizers. I feel brand new! I love them so much I know they have lots of changing to do but I feel completely confident that I will love them when they settle. Mr El Gammal was lovely throughout the process, on the day he came and greeted me and made sure I was ok, and He’s given me exactly what I wanted. There isn’t much out there in the way of reviews for this surgeon but don’t be put off, he is a very lovely competent surgeon and I’m over the moon with my results.

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