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Written by a patient
10th March 2020

From the initial consultation, I felt I was made aware of everything I needed to know about the operation I was to have (triple bypass), and the recovery period. If I forgot anything, or something new occurred to me, his Secretary, Mrs Rampley, was on hand to answer these queries. The operation went with as little drama as I could hope for. Mr Bittar checked up on my progress throughout those early days, and was sympathetic to my desire to get back home to be with my family for my recovery. So I was allowed home on the 7th day of the process. I have to say, at this point, that the nurses and other staff at Royal Victoria Hospital, Blackpool, were awesome! So friendly and approachable. So hard-working, but always there to offer the help I may have needed. Physio was introduced when I was ready, and was at a sufficient level to build confidence that my recovery was indeed on the way. I felt in good hands throughout this short spell in Hospital, thanks to Mr Bittar and the entire medical team.

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