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Written by a patient
26th March 2019

Professor Bittar is a charming and highly skilled surgeon, who readily fills you with confidence. He is supported by a fantastic multi-disciplinary team at Blackpool Victoria Hospital's Cardiac Unit. I cannot adequately praise the standard of care I received. When a routine scan revealed that cancer had returned again, I was devastated. A couple of clinicians had declined to do a biopsy on the tumour that was in very close proximity to my heart, because of the inherent risks. My future seemed very grim ........until I was referred to Professor Bittar. He showed me the scans and carefully outlined the 2 relevant operations I required, answered my concerns, subsequently inspiring me with hope and confidence. Ten days later, Professor Bittar performed a VATS wedge resection on the tumour in my left lung, and then after recovery time a VATS lobectomy on my right lung. This minimally invasive thoracic surgery has resulted in a rapid recovery, small scars and feeling amazingly well. Close regular monitoring through scans will follow. I will always be eternally grateful for the efficient and empathetic treatment/care I received.

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