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Written by a patient
12th January 2021

After a few years of complaining of shortage of breath during walking I was sent by my GP for tests resulting in the need for triple heart bypass surgery and was referred to Professor Bittar for the surgery. As anyone can imagine it was a very concerning if not frightening time for me as I was naturally concerned of the outcome. The Covid 19 situation also added to my fears and obviously caused a temporary delay. However Professor Bittars secretary kept me informed of the situation during my wait and was very comforting in her nature. The Professor rang me also and reassured me of the situation and in fact had a very calming influence. He came to see me on the morning of the operation to make sure I understood the surgery. This is the man I am sure I owe my life to and Professor Bittar and his team where excellent in their care and understanding and not forgetting their professionalism which is second to none. From going in to Blackpool to coming out of Blackpool Cardiac centre I was treated with extreme care and attention and dignity. I am extremely grateful to the professor and his team. I have nothing but praise for him and his team.

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