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Written by a patient
28th December 2019

My attendance at Blackpool Victoria for the pre-op examination made me aware of the unique ability all staff possess in pulling together and working as a team. The term " big happy family" springs to mind. With Professor Bittar leading the team, a plan was hatched and on the appointed day, I was made most welcome and prepared for my life saving surgery. With echoes of " can you hear me and do you know where you are" I was gently awoken to find the main event had finished and I didn't feel a thing! Recuperation was as equally uneventful, from intensive care to day care to home. Behind the scenes,the support team helping my recovery were making my stay a most memorable and pleasant experience. My minimally invasive aortic surgery has been a complete success, and all completed without my feeling any pain or indeed taking any painkillers. May I wish Professor Bittar and all his team a huge " thank you, " for all the incredible remedial and life changing surgery that keeps so many of us enjoying a full and active life. In summary I would say, Professor Bittar - Perfection at its best

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