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Written by a NHS patient
24th August 2022

Mr Mokawem recently carried out a two-stage instrumented correction and spinal fusion to treat our 14-year-old daughter’s severe scoliosis. When my daughter and I first met him in clinic, we appreciated at once his kindly manner, professionalism and self-possession. The way that he listens with quiet attention and his thoughtful, measured responses that are never hurried. He explained things with just the right level of detail – enough that we could make informed decisions and know what to expect, but not so much as to overwhelm us. Our daughter particularly appreciated his way of addressing her directly, always respectfully – reminding her more than once that it was her decision as to whether to operate. We already had the measure of him, but it was reassuring to see, during the two-week hospital stay, that he is so revered by his colleagues who enthused about his exceptional skills as a surgeon but also of his thorough decency and integrity as a human being. They told us he would do right by her, and indeed he has, keeping her safe and preserving as much flexibility in her spine as possible. Spinal surgeons carry an immense burden of responsibility – proportional to our fear as parents - but Mr Mokawem transcends it with his unwavering meticulous competence, sangfroid and equanimity. We are endlessly grateful.

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