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Written by a patient
26th March 2020

I had a serious accident at the isle of man TT in 2015 and had a lisfranc fracture of the foot, Tibia, Fibula and humorous all smashed along with a head injury. I attended a doctor in Belfast for the following 2 years and had my injuries fixed apart from my Tibia and Fibula. It was at that point I contacted Mr Krkovic and arranged to see him. I had to have several operations with him due to the complexity of the breaks and because I had infections but on 12th June 2019 I eventually got the cage removed and have never looked back. Little over a year ago I was asking him to amputate my leg and thankfully down to him talking me round now I'm beginning to be able to run again. I really can not speak highly enough of MrKrkovic and how he dealt with me. HE IS THE BEST!!!!!

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