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Written by a patient
24th November 2020

I have been a glasses wearer for 42 years and have always hated wearing them! I was a contact lense wearer off and on for 30 years but never felt comfortable as I had quite dry eyes. I was always intrigued about laser surgery but was so scared to even go in to see if I was suitable! This year in January I had a surge of courage to go and have an assessment I decided to go to 2 companies Optegra were the second company and after my wife’s intensive research we liked what we read about Mark Wavell. It wasn’t until we walked in and the reception we got from all employees we felt so comfortable and relaxed , the professional approach was second to none. Mark Wavell was the icing on the cake . Don’t get me wrong I was still nervous but all the staff made it an easy and comfortable experience. I wish I had the nerve years ago. Mark I would like to say thank you for giving me my freedom.

30th November 2020
Response from Mr Mark Wevill

... and I would like to say thank you for your trust and kind words!

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