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Written by a patient
3rd June 2020

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service at Birmingham optegra; I’ve received a high standard of professional, knowledgeable and friendly care and treatment from everyone I’ve come into contact with, all delivered in a clean airy and comfortable environment. At no time throughout the consultation was I ‘sold’ anything - my vision was thoroughly tested, following which I was given detailed, accurate Information and my questions answered so that I was able to make an informed judgment. I can confirm a very high regard for Mr Wevill who performed lens replacement and lasek for me. I was able to trust him and have confidence in him and in his team who all showed an interest in their work and an obvious preference for high standards. I thought the follow up was excellent. Thanks Mark and thanks everyone I'm very pleased with the final results.

28th June 2020
Response from Mr Mark Wevill

Thank you & I'm pleased you appreciated our "careful" care.

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