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Written by a patient
11th August 2019

I have just come across this site.Dr Rahman did my cataract surgery in May 2016 and Sept 2016 in the Golden Jubilee Hospital.Put simply he was BRILLIANT and I have alot to thank him for.I wore glasses from the age of 4 and now I just need them for reading.It was like a light being switched on for me.Yes I was uptight but with Dr Rahman and his team beside me it was great.I know this is late in thanking Dr Rahman but better late than never and thanks also to his team.His work was exceptional and I was very fortunate he did both my eyes.So thank you Dr Rahman. He was at my preassment and also came into the waiting room for my right eye surgery and we both remembered each other. He commented that I had really benefited from this surgery.Anyone who is going for this surgery all I can say is go for it the benefits are amazing.

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