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Written by a private patient
10th January 2024

Mr. Moawad operated on my right leg varicose veins. My leg feels brand new and I even ran a half-marathon 6 weeks after the surgery with no issues. From the initial consultation, through the surgery, to the post-op check up, he has been extremely patient and explained every single detail to me, making sure I don’t feel rushed. This made me feel really confident and informed about the procedure. If I would ever have same issues occur on my other leg, I would exclusively go to Mr. Moawad to get it fixed. He’s done an excellent job and 6 weeks after the surgery my leg is completely healed and looks and feels amazing. Over the phone I also dealt with Mr. Moawad’s assistant. Her customer service is just outstanding! Super nice lady keeping me informed, answering my questions, helping me reschedule appointments etc. Big shout out to her and her support throughout.