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Written by a private patient
8th November 2021

In January 2021 I had breast augmentation with the Staiano clinic by Jonathan Staiano, at first I felt very comfortable on confident that my results would be great, I had 275cc HP Polytech polyurethane implants. After the surgery I noticed shape and asymmetrical issues, I brought this to the attention of the Staiano clinic and Nurse Vicky was telling me to let them settle and give them time, I also spoke to Jonathan Staiano who kept saying the same, however the issues looked worse the longer it was left, my breasts were extremely pointed, in clothing braless and bikinis I looked like I had one breast, my breasts didn’t move at all and I couldn’t create cleavage or move them with a push up bra or my hands even though as per the contract this was said I would be able to, I also highlighted to Jonathan that one of my breasts was painful which he said was normal but I knew it wasn’t, my breasts were still solid at 6 months post op and one of my breasts was a size smaller and left one side of a bra empty especially by the wire area. I had an appointment with Jonathan and his reply was he could see the issues but he couldn’t see them to the degree that I could see them and he was happy with the results which is funny because another surgery is only offered if the surgeon is unhappy with the results as per the terms of contract so of course he would be happy with them and the worst comment he could have made was “you need to learn to live with it” however whilst in this appointment he told me there were things that could be done if I let them settle longer, we could consider an implant change of size or shape, I asked about a fat transfer which Jonathan stated he didn’t think this did much and wouldn’t recommend it however then in one of his Facebook lives her stated he loves doing this surgery, it didn’t matter what I said or asked it was dismissed and then to top it off Jonathan emailed my doctors surgery and listed these things we spoke about and ruled them all out saying he wouldn’t recommend anymore surgery so I felt very stuck and very depressed but this didn’t matter, I kept being fobbed off with leave it longer, it’s normal. The Staiano clinic advertise themselves as patient focused and all about the aftercare however I didn’t receive this whilst a patient of the Staiano Clinic and once my surgery was done that was it none of my concerns mattered as long as the surgeon was happy that was all that mattered, I feel like once he had completed my surgery and taken my money £7770 that was it I was dismissed. After Jonathan emailed my doctor I obtained more opinions from multiple surgeons who could also all see the issues I was concerned about, I was told by a couple of surgeons that the implants Jonathan used may not have been wide enough to fill my breast tissue resulting in the big gap and the pocket may not have been done properly meaning the breasts couldn’t move towards the centre bone to create any kind of cleavage. I chose one of these surgeons to have revision surgery in July 2021, I had Motiva Ergonomix 380cc Demi profile implants with fat transfer and my results have ended up amazing, I look like I have two breasts without a bra and in a bikini as I should, I can move my breasts, I can create cleavage? My breasts move and are so much softer and I feel more confident than ever oh and both of my breasts now fill my bra, however this surgeon did find I had bad inflammation in the capsule which resulted in the breast pain Jonathan ignored I have had to pay again and as a result loose our savings and Jonathan hasn’t offered anything back and in my honest opinion he doesn’t care, he actually told me to just leave him a bad review yes he will be upset to receive it but if it is how I feel then post it, so as I said he took my money and dismissed everything but I couldn’t live with the result left by Jonathan the mental and physical aspects were too much to deal with, I became obsessed and more depressed than before I had the surgery to start with.

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