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Written by a private patient
7th August 2023

I recently underwent Bilateral cataract surgery and insertion of lenses under the care of Mr Gok Ratnarajan at the McIndoe Centre. The Initial consultation was both friendly, reassuring and professional and within a few days I was offered an appointment for my procedure. From arrival to be taken into surgery I found all the staff to be personable and caring and any qualms I had were soon relieved. The procedure went very smoothly and painlessly with just the right amount of reassuring information offered by Mr Ratnarajan. Within less than an hour I was back in my room enjoying coffee and a sandwich. After being given a comprehensive recovery programme within a few days my eyesight now appears quite normal and I have 20/20 vision and just need ready readers for very small print as predicted. I certainly will have no hesitation recommending Mr Ratnarajan and the McIndoe Centre to my friends.