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Written by a carer
5th May 2020

My daughter had her operation (tympanoplasty/mastoidectomy) with Mr Kelly on the 19th March 2020. Her ear has healed lovely, very very intricate and well placed stitches, no signs of any infection throughout and she comments that finally her ear feels dry inside. The best news is that last week she could hear for the first time in that ear, we had a moment dancing in the kitchen. This is all thanks to Mr Kelly and his amazing talent. Finally, my daughter has had recurring ear infections all her life, she is very very wary of anyone (especially Doctors) going anywhere near her ears. Mr Kelly immediately put her at ease,, explained everything clearly and has such a fabulous empathetic manner - so you warm to him immediately. He was always very happy and smiley and also very reassuring that he would sort out her problem. In conclusion, top notch doctor, top class surgery!!!! what more could you want?

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