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Written by a patient
29th July 2019

Very patient focussed and listened carefully to what I had to say about the history of my condition (chronic maxillary sinus infection) and previous treatments. Gave me options for possible resolution, with the respective pros/cons and likely outcomes of each. Gave me time to think about the options. We mutually agreed a way forward and I underwent a procedure (FESS) recently to look to resolve the condition. Gave me a follow up regime (frequent saline rinses) and so far the signs are very promising. Mr Kelly took the trouble to personally phone me the day after the operation to describe what he had found and what he had done and he stressed the importance of ongoing sinus rinsing. He also said he could be contacted any time if I had any difficulties. In summary I was/am very pleased with his approach and his genuine desire to resolve the condition.

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1 2 3 4 5